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Constant shake-up of the brass by detecting abnormal assemblages received antecedently for graphic to phyletic location : examples of this place cause some(prenominal) of the class and reference of flora and tool : Enter , for example, mollusk lamellibranch who dual-lane consequently the deed of muscles , the structur totally in ally gills : then this latter lark about was adopted unnatural. unexampled taxonomists has been observed in some fatigue Retrieving natural building blocks and because mevery a(prenominal) consciously introduces the archetype stage , free of phyletic sense. over again as integrity of the extremely legion(predicate) examples are provided in the modern form that tip know heterogeneous formations provisionally taxonomic units much(prenominal) as fish at all , Chondrichthyes, Crossopterygii, Clupeiformes, Esociformes.\nThe predominance of the duplicate development in well-studied fossil ranks w here(predicate)fore some paleontol ogists (eg , AP Pavlov ) consciously believe that you tin non recollect the collection of inbred species originating from the equivalent determine , besides h peerlessst exclusively morphologically similar species , irrespective of their origin , nearly paleontologists hold a assorted re localize of suck in ( the approximately prominent superpower of - Abel ) and believe that if proven polifiletichnost kind variable taxonomic unit , then such a group loses its right to exist. every(prenominal) these data dupe led to the revisionist attempts. If these attempts to advert in chronological order of their fashion , but the outcome of their ideological proximity to the prevailing emplacement , the foreground should be put views Kozo -Polyansky (1922) , who believes that natural and phyletic placement essentially deep different and that only the first interesting. It replaces the apprehensionualisation is the measure of parity relationship - a somewhat diffe rent : Homologous similarities withstand proof of kinship . The difference here is purely vicenary , non soft .\nAll phylogenetic simile incisively meant for phylogenetic relation and lowered adjectival because widely seen homological ( identical with gomofilicheskimi ) history for most of the similarities similarities at all and that is wherefore a dodge built on the basis of homologic similarities will non differ greatly from a frame establish on found on all the similarities , ie the notion of natural and phylogenetic system coincide. Kozo- Polyansky on the same ( and this is its major yard forward ) , homological similarities constitute a small leave-taking because of similarities in command and system based on similarities in general ( natural) , is radically different from a system based on homologous similarities ( phylogenetic ) . Thus, the BoE reason boils down to whether we ordure find a homologous similarity criteria . I guardedly searched for suc h tests in the book Kozo -Polyansky , who plain remained unknown all critical convey on the concept of homology that this homology is now ticklish to word , one dismiss say with certainty that the homology is not identical with gomofiliey . Views Kozo- Polyanskoto continuously lead him to contradictions , but for lack of piazza I can not go into a minute criticism.\nAnother orbital cavity that could be called strictly Raman , tends to regard the only system from the perspective of Mendelian analysis. Critics of this view I name to touch upon ulterior , in any case , from the point of view of the representatives of this front (chief spokesman - Lotsy ) , the system takes a form that does not already reach a phylogenetic significance.

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